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Baby Bella | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Long Island, NY

For anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, the one thing that will melt my heart without a doubt are babies! So, when I’m given the chance to work with them, my heart is the happiest it can possibly be. Newborn sessions are not as easy as it looks – the babies can be unpredictable but that’s what I love about it. Every baby is so different and I love experiencing something new every time. Jensy and Lance invited me into their home to photograph their first few moments as parents to newborn, Bella. Baby Bella was definitely the boss during the session, making us work around her schedule and mood. My favorite moment from this session had to be when she gave us the CUTEST little giggle as she was dreaming away. I hope these put a smile on your face and makes your heart melt into mush like it did for me 🙂

2018-03-11_0001.jpg 2018-03-11_0002.jpg 2018-03-11_0003.jpg 2018-03-11_0004.jpg 2018-03-11_0005.jpg 2018-03-11_0006.jpg 2018-03-11_0007.jpg 2018-03-11_0008.jpg 2018-03-11_0009.jpg 2018-03-11_0010.jpg 2018-03-11_0011.jpg 2018-03-11_0012.jpg 2018-03-11_0013.jpg 2018-03-11_0014.jpg 2018-03-11_0015.jpg 2018-03-11_0016.jpg 2018-03-11_0017.jpg 2018-03-11_0019.jpg 2018-03-11_0020.jpg 2018-03-11_0021.jpg 2018-03-11_0022.jpg 2018-03-11_0023.jpg 2018-03-11_0024.jpg 2018-03-11_0025.jpg 2018-03-11_0026.jpg 2018-03-11_0027.jpg 2018-03-11_0028.jpg 2018-03-11_0029.jpg 2018-03-11_0030.jpg 2018-03-11_0031.jpg 2018-03-11_0032.jpg 2018-03-11_0033.jpg 2018-03-11_0034.jpg 2018-03-11_0035.jpg 2018-03-11_0036.jpg 2018-03-11_0037.jpg 2018-03-11_0038.jpg 2018-03-11_0039.jpg 2018-03-11_0040.jpg 2018-03-11_0041.jpg2018-03-11_0042.jpg 2018-03-11_0043.jpg 2018-03-11_0044.jpg 2018-03-11_0045.jpg

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