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Anita + Jaime | Surprise Proposal | Long Island, NY

Today, I’m doing things a little different on the journal. I started writing my blurb for this special surprise proposal story until I realized that maybe it would be cool to hear from THEM about how it all went down. So today, I present the guest writers, Anita and Jaime and their take on one of the most special moments in their love story.

Jaime: A wise woman once said, “if you like it then you should have put a ring on it” but she failed to mention how much time, planning and money are also necessary. Here is the thing about proposing, you come up with one fantastic idea, you tell everyone, and they shine a light on the potential flaws. Let’s say you want to have your girlfriend kidnapped, and the kidnappers won’t let her go unless her boyfriend pays back the huge gambling debt he owes. He cannot pay it back so they inevitable take revenge on him and ask him if he has any last words to say to his girlfriend and of course, it being all planned, he says to his girlfriend “will you marry me.” Sounds amazing doesn’t it? But that is when everyone starts telling you “oh what if she calls the police”, “oh what if she pees herself”, “what if she secretly takes karate and beats the guys up.” Such negativity is not needed when planning something so grand. But then you slowly realize that maybe they have a point. You know that the girl who constantly drops food on herself isn’t secretly taking karate but still there are flaws.

Then you start to think of proposals where you up the romance and spontaneity and lower the Michael Bay action sequences. I had to come up with something practical and knowing that I have an amazing cousin who is a master in her craft of photography, it was pretty easy to know how the proposal would go down- a fake photo shoot. I decided to tell Anita that I needed us to have a photo shoot so that I could have some nice pictures of us to use for when I propose.

Anita: When Jaime presented the idea of doing a photo shoot together, I immediately felt uneasy and tried my hardest to persuade him out of it. I’m usually shy when it comes to taking photos. I’ll be in some to capture good times and favorite moments – but otherwise I avoid them at all costs. He was adamant though, and as always, convinced me to go outside my comfort zone. Eventually he warmed me up to the idea but little did I know how the day was going to unfold…

Jaime: So photographer – check. Photoshoot – check. Now the most important part: the ring. Finding the perfect ring is about knowing every detail about your woman. The ring should embody both the relationship and your girlfriend. Anita has always been classy while keeping it simple. She of course wanted to make sure I got the right one, so she did what all women do. Tell the people closest to her to drop hints. I was able to get help from her two close cousins and pick out the perfect ring. Now all the pieces were in place. It was show time.

Anita: The morning started with an order of spicy chicken nuggets and a quick drive over to Planting Fields Arboretum. The forecast said it would rain, and gray clouds seemed to be looming over us for most of the day. Jaime was so excited for the shoot though, that his enthusiasm somehow made me forget how cold I was at that moment. For anyone who knows Jaime, he radiates warmth – both with his personality and bear hugs. The fear of pictures and weather were pushed to the side, and I became really excited to take some memorable shots.

Nimmi had scoped out the area and brought us to a few scenic spots at the garden. We took turns with different poses, laughing at ourselves for trying to be candid, and overall just enjoying each other’s company. Fast forward to the last spot at the shoot: by chance the clouds cleared up, the sun was shining, I’m ready to strike a pose with Jaime behind me…and then Jaime has me turn around.

Jaime: … I took her hand and went down on one knee asking for her hand in marriage. So in the end it really is as it seems. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy liked it so he put a ring on it.


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