Family Newborn Portraits

Baby Luca Jai | Lifestyle Newborn Session | Queens, NY

I love every oppurtunity I get to meet and work with new faces but something about working with my family is extra special. That’s how it all started for me – one by one, my family members asked me to shoot a portrait session or event for them. It was the best chance I had to practice and develop my style as a photographer. Among these many family members and friends, Jessie (chechy) and Vivek (achachan) are two people who have always encouraged me to keep doing my thing.

I was helping a photog friend (hi Sachi!) cover a wedding when I found out Baby Luca was born. I felt all sorts of happiness and excitement for the newest addition to our growing family (and may have stopped taking pictures and helped the DJ with the party from being too excited)! But it was when I held him in my arms for the first time that I started to cry (I know, what’s new?). That’s when it REALLY hit me that my cousin-sister, the “chechy” who would take us to movies or fun places growing up, was now a mom! So when JC asked me to take some portraits of Luca, my immediate answer was YES. I have so many favorites from my time with the Sukumarans but I don’t think I can share a whole gallery in a journal post so enjoy these highlights 🙂


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