Annamma Turns 95 | Portraits | Queens, NY

Today is the day! My adorable Ammachy (grandma) turned NINETY-FIVE in September and I finally get to share the portraits I took of her. Before I tell you more about this lady, there’s a little story as to why I wanted to take “some pictures” of my “cheese”. When I was gifted my first dslr, I took pictures of all sorts of things – flowers, buildings, cars, birds, etc. One day, my aunt and ammachy came over and I instantly made her my model (pretty sure she just wanted to sit down and watch some TV). We moved around the backyard taking pictures with flowers and vegetables in my parents’ garden (I’ve shared some at the end of this post!) and so began this little adventure. So it was only fitting that I give my first model ever a proper portrait session and what other occasion to do that than her big 95th?

Ammachy aka Annamma Punnoose is one admirable lady. She raised seven children on her own after losing her husband. She has the most brilliant mind and heart and truly is a role model for all of us grandkids. Not only do I take pride in the fact that I was named after her, Ammachy and I both have the biggest sweet tooth! I could go on and on about her but that would probably make this journal post way too long. So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite moments with the Queen of sweets and sass!


Some pictures I took back in 2012:

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1 thought on “Annamma Turns 95 | Portraits | Queens, NY”

  1. I love this post and these pics. Happy & blessed 95th to your Ammachy! These pics are wonderful…

    They remind me of my Ammachy…I miss her. But her pictures have become treasures to me now.

    Blessings to you both!!!

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